Simple Online Video Editor

An Easy-to-Use Online Video Editor

This Incredibly intuitive online editing software means ANYONE can create stunning video content in minutes.

Simply upload your video to edit, or use any one of our thousands of stock video clips.

Creating stunning video content has never been so easy!

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Stunning video footage

Creating video content has never been so easy with thousands of professionally made videos & templates. Simply search for anything related to your business or content needs. Choose, edit, download, & share!

Thousands of templates & stock photos

Create posters, video, ads, restaurant menus, vouchers, certificates, video intros, outros, birthday cards, and much, much more using our extensive media libraries and templates! Start editing creating to make them your own in just a few clicks. All the hard work is done!

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All-In-One Visual Marketing Tool

Design Wizard's all-in-one visual marketing tool is the wonderfully creative culmination of parent company, Wavebreak Media, and sister company PikWizard.

Priding ourselves on creating premium content is what we do! And now that we have an easy-to-use online graphic design software, so can you!

With exclusive stock images and videos you won't find anywhere else, the content you create with us is sure to stand out!

With thousands of stunning and professionally designed templates, along with extensive media libraries, you're sure to find something to suit your content objectives!

Whether its images, menus, certificates, or video content you need - Design Wizard's has you covered. All the hard work is done. Simply add you're personal touches and share it with the world!